Heart Rate Training Facility 

  • Interested in High Energy Fitness Classes? We have over 40 per week!!

LWA Always Offering the Most Fun Energetic Fitness Classes - over 40 Classes per week with your standard membership! Like: KIckboxing 101 + 201, Athletic HIIT Step + Zumba, Cycling I + II, and TRX Basics. All Levels Welcome! Try out one of LWA's Classes TODAY!   See our special at the top!

  • Interested in Affordable Training Sessions?  We have over 20 per week!!

New This Year 2017 Specialized Small Group Training Programs! Call 828-298-4667 to enhance your membership! Our LWA Heart-rate Training High-Intensity Kickbox, Spin, Cardiobarbell Lifting, TRX Cardio and Core Training Program is scientifically designed to train you effectively! Each client will use Polar Flow Heart Rate Technology. From the simple strap worn, to the educated trainers coaching, to the visual presentation of your heart rate - your workout will be scientific yet sweat filled!  To get this affordable training:  become a member and add-on Unlimited Small Group Training Sessions!  

Individualize Your Membership with Both Classes and Training! See Results!

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Ladies Workout Asheville is an independently owned family business. At LWA, our primary focus is to work with the community on Creating Strong. Fit. Women. LWA is proud to say we are the Only All Woman's Full Fitness Facility in Asheville and have been for 20 years now!

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