101 Fitness Schedule

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Welcome to our Basic Training Schedule.

At LWA, we offer two styles of schedules. Let us explain. The 101 schedule is geared towards general fitness classes offered in gyms. The 201 schedule offers the latest training tools in a Small Group Training Boutique. Gym Style Fitness Classes = 101. Small Group Training=201.

Over the past 20+ years, LWA has offered a women's only atmosphere with strong women working together at all fitness levels. We will continue this tradition, but now add in more Science of Exercise. With the evolution of LWA,  we bring you the Smart Training Center designed under the direction of an Exercise Specialist with Polar Heart Rate Technology using the specialized tools of:  Genuine Spinning and TRX Suspension while keeping some traditional gym fitness.  With both gym style fitness 101 and a Small Group Training 201, you can decide whether you want traditional group fitness classes on the 101 schedule  or more specialized Small Group Training with Trainer Guidance on the 201 schedule (or dabble in both)

The beautiful thing about Ladies Workout Asheville is we are locally owned, in a shopping center with the same owner, so we can pass some savings on to you! The owner, also a woman / mom, understands what it means for fitness to fit in a family budget. This is why we give you two schedules and two affordable prices. This is why we offer you two schedules!

Hint:  If you are just getting into fitness, or getting back into fitness, and/or need to get a bit stronger and get more fitness savvy we suggest the 201 Trainer Guidance Plan. If you can make the budget of $55.00 per month fit, you get both 101 and 201 schedules with the 201. If you can and you are this woman, you should dabble in both schedules from the beginning and get the 201. Don't be intimidated of the word 201 it just means Small Group Trainer Guidance. We will sit down with you and help you set your schedule putting some Pre-Req. Sessions from 101 and some Deep Fiber Core Mat Science Training, Heart Rate Control Spinning, TRX, Cardiobarbell from the 201. All the while getting some good fun sweat in The Box Club in both 101 and 201.