5X5 Muscular Strength Training Schedule.

GENUINE STRENGTH TRAINING. stepping away from traditional fitness style classes and into the world of Women's Strength Training. As you know building a cardio base is important for your heart (see our Science and Skills Sessions Schedule). But to see real results, you need to lift! Low Reps, Heavy Weights (weights that will challenge you and break down the muscle to create strength) a 5 Rep x 5 Round Method, in Short Savvy Sessions! Now let us break the myth... the myth of you will get bulky with heavy lifting. Women naturally do not have enough testosterone to get big and bulky so do not worry, on the contrary, lifting like this will make you strong. Remember Strong is Beautiful. You must lift heavier to get stronger. period. We feel,the strength schedule combined with our New TvA Deep Fiber Bodyweight exercises will bring you the ultimate strength gains. In addition.... we understand, some days you aren't feeling like kicking butt in cardio. You just want to lift. WE HEAR YA! Let's GET STRONGER!

LWA offers a women's only atmosphere with strong women working together at all fitness levels - constantly evolving and keeping current. Our Smart Training Center, designed under the direction of an Exercise Specialist with Polar Heart Rate Technology and a 5x5 Strength Training Method, works hard to stay current in women’s strength. The owner, also a woman / mom, understands what it means for a woman to feel strong and loves the feeling after a good strength training session. Come take a session and feel the strength too!! STRONG IS BEAUTIFUL. STRONG IS CONFIDENT. STRONG CAN BE YOU!!