201 Small Group Training Schedule

Welcome to the New LWA Smart Training Center Schedule!

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What is the difference between our two schedules?  With our 201 Training Program, you will get both 101 and 201 training schedules. This gives you the proper "Pre-Req" sessions along with the challenging sessions to build strength properly with good form and Trainer Guidance. As compared to our 101 Program, where you get the gym style "show up-n-go" fitness classes.

If you want a trainer to guide you or push you, you pick 201. If you want more hand-holding, you pick 201. If you want nutrition guidance and online videos you pick 201. When you join us in 201, you will receive the latest training tools in a Small Group Training Boutique. LWA is proud to present not only a Gym Show Up-n-Go 101 Schedule, but we also bring you the Smart Training Center 201 Schedule designed under the direction of an Exercise Specialist with Polar Heart Rate Technology using the specialized tools of:  Genuine Spinning w/ Heart Rate Control and TRX Suspension Trainers while keeping some traditional gym fitness.  It is very exciting. We have enjoyed seeing our women get stronger and stronger using smarter sessions. 

With both gym style fitness 101 and Small Group Training 201, you can decide whether you want traditional group fitness classes on the 101 schedule  or this the more specialized Small Group Training with Trainer Guidance on the 201 schedule (or dabble in both with 201).

Hint: If you are the fit individual who would like the push from a trainer, definitely choose the 201 and enjoy the challenge in the Bootcamps of both 201 and 301 Trainings!! BUT ALSO - If you are just getting into fitness, or getting back into fitness and need to get a bit stronger and get more fitness savvy we suggest the 201, because we will guide you and so will the trainers! If you can make the budget of $55.00 per month fit, go for the Training Center Program so you can get both 101 and 201 schedules. Be excited by the word 201, it means Small Group Trainer Guidance. We will sit down with you and help you set your schedule putting some Pre-Req. Sessions from 101 and some Deep Fiber Core Training, Spinning, TRX, Cardiobarbell from the 201. All the while getting some good fun sweat in The Box Club in both 101 and 201.

The beautiful thing about Ladies Workout Asheville is we are locally owned, in a shopping center with the same owner, so we can pass some savings on to you without skimping on training tools! The owner understands what it means for fitness to fit in a family budget. But she also wants you to get stronger and stronger and evolve! She believes, if you want the best in training you need Heart Rate Technology to train effectively and push appropriately. Choose the 201 Small Group Training Program ladies, you will enjoy the Smart Sessions.

We look forward to training with you!


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