Heart Rate Training for Cardio Strength, Cardio Endurance, & Muscular Power.

This schedule is brought to you by an Exercise Scientist who evaluated the sessions to give you the most science-based sessions to properly build your Cardio and Muscular Power. We want to see you “Be in the Know”. Our job is to teach you how to train properly. Join us and really train smart. Sometimes you will push to the red, sometimes train in the orange, and sometimes stay in the green. Sometimes a mixture of everything. Learn how to push and recover. Learn how to breathe through work. What does all this mean? It means you will learn heart rate control and how each session is put together for a reason. You will learn how to build your body to feel strong and effective in all your sessions. You will learn you do not need to spend hours to get strong. You will learn short focused heart rate control sessions will not only build you during the session, but you will burn more fat at rest. It’s not about hard sessions, it’s about training hard. You will push but with using Heart Rate Monitors, we will only let you push to YOUR limits. That is Training Hard. That is Training Smart. Get Strong Ladies, get Real Strong. Train Smart. STRONG.

We look forward to training with you! Strength building in our center will flow over into being Strong in your Daily Life.


LWA is excited to bring together a community of women who enjoy feeling strong! Join us, won’t you?


LWA Highlights

Locally Owned by a Woman. Strong, Fit, Motivating Women Trainers. Beautiful Strong Women in Sessions to Inspire you!

LWA is now considered (and has been recognized as) one of the only all Women's Strength and Science Training Centers!! (Do a search of your own :) )

The beautiful part about our mission is we think strong is beautiful. Check out some of our highlight videos to get a feel for LWA. Be Inspired. No matter your goals, we will work together to achieve them. If you like strength training - we gotcha. If you like HIIT and Boxing - we gotcha. If you like Spinning - we gotcha. If you like Bodyweight and Core - we gotcha. WE. GOTCHA. So Getcha Some! Be Strong.