The LWA Box Club

Step 1 -  Learn The Moves

Step 2 - Execute The Moves

Step 3 - Master the Moves



JAB sweat CROSS sweat KICK sweat... HAVE FUN in our most popular modality - Kickboxing!

Be Part of The Club. The Box Club - The Best Training, yet the most FUN workout in town! You may have tried kickboxing, but have you tried it with Visual Heart Rate Training? Have you tried it on the bags? Punch, Chop, Kick our bags and targets! Fun.

Be motivated while learning with a Trainer in Every Exclusive Session!

Punches:  Learn and Master Jab, Cross, Hook, Upper, Chop, Block, Backhand, Body Blows, and more!
Kicks:  Learn and Master Front, Side, Round, Back, Jumping Hitch, Ankle Smash, and more!

Target use, Bag use, and Polar Heart Rate Training use to Push Yourself to the Limits, but not over train! Proper execution and rest intervals mixed in 25-45 min sessions to really train.  Great for all levels. Start with 101 to learn, earn an "atta girl!" and go on to heart rate control with fun combinations (this is where you will put it all together to build cardio and muscular endurance, yet have fun).  The final challenge, when ready, is to "push your limits", you have mastered the moves and now you are ready to test your heart rate control with Box Club HIIT! Be Motivated. Train hard and smart and you will get there! Strong.

Don't worry you will train like a Pro Boxer but you won't actually fight :)   

Train Hard. Train Smart. SO MUCH FUN - you won't even realize you are exercising. See you Soon!