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HF Training & Spin Center

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About the Ride:

Spinning is a comprehensive training program specifically designed to offer participants targeted heart rate training, expert coaching, and a unique mind/body experience. Instructors will introduce the important fundamentals of Heart Rate Zone training, breathing techniques, body relaxation when working, and visualization of terrains - while taking you through the 5 main movements on Spin bikes. By learning to combine basic positions and techniques while watching your heart rate, you will experience a fluid and challenging workout without over-training! Together, the Spinning Program offers enthusiasts the flexibility to personalize and tailor workouts to their desired intensity, while still experiencing the camaraderie, energy and support of group fitness! Great for all fitness levels!!

The most important thing about Spinning...
- You will workout regularly at obtainable levels of intensity
- Measured by heart rate. 
- You will not leave Spinning overworked. 
- You will Feel Great!

Enjoy a Ride for Only $7.00. Go to or For more information Call (828) 298-4667