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At Ladies Workout Asheville, we know how hard it is to find balance between work, family, and self.

Read how LWA ladies find time to workout in a hectic schedule world!

Strong. Fit. Women. Inspire.

“For the past 8 years I have made the time to get to ladies workout asheville. My two daughters and little boy have been watching and that's inspiring to them to be active. Ladies Workout makes it easy to accomplish being fit with challenging classes. You owe it to your family, to you, to take care of yourself. You have one body treat it like a temple.” - Jennifer Olinger

Meet Jen.

Profession: Director at WLOS

I started at Ladies Workout Asheville almost 17 years ago. I moved to the area and began as the manager of the gym while going to school full-time. Through the years my life has progressed from managing the gym and school to marriage, having a child, becoming a professional, going through a divorce and trying to find a balance through it all.

Now I am a Director at WLOS ABC News13 for the 5-7pm and 11pm broadcasts and a single mom. My schedule is a hectic one but exercise brings a time for myself. So even though I work until midnight, I still come and workout after dropping my son off at school. It’s not always easy and sometimes I want to just go back to bed, but I know that once my workout is done I’ll be a happier, healthier, more balanced me.

Meet Summer.


Juggling a full-time job in advertising, my beautiful daughter dancing 4 days a week, my amazing son, the soccer athlete, 2 days a week, household chores, doctors/dentist appointments, school and all the rest, there is often zero time for me to think about... ME! The class schedule at LWA makes it easy to find that time. Offering great classes in the morning and afternoon, you never miss a great workout. The staff is always available to answer questions about a particular machine or exercise.

Why LWA? I love the camaraderie with the ladies and the instructors. My group of friends range from all ages. We all support and encourage one another whether it’s in the gym or in our day to day lives. I know I can count on these ladies and I treasure these friendships that blossomed. They motivate me to be healthier in my choices and push me when we are in class. I love these ladies to the moon.

Meet Lily.

The key to finding balance between family, work and the gym is to make the extra effort to do just do it. I put together my schedule every Sunday, penciling in workouts, work, clients and family time. I know life doesn’t always go as planned but if I didn’t have a plan at all, weeks would go by of excuses why I didn’t work out, meal prep, go on adventures with the family, etc... Just do it!

Why LWA? I originally started working out at LWA because it was the first gym that truly kicked my butt and advanced my fitness like never before. Everyone was friendly and informative so I learned how to lift weights and interval train like a pro! I also enjoy the community of LWA and to be able to train hard without worrying about someone checking me out while doing so. Now I can bring my little baby in the childcare, check out of mommy-mind for a bit and get my sweat on!

Meet Jennifer.

Profession: Distributor of Branded Products, The Prestigious Mark.

My family knows how imperative fitness is to my daily routine. They will encourage me to “get to the gym” if I appear a little “off” in the morning. In turn, that has shown our three children the benefits of taking care of oneself. All three of them are very active in sports and activities, and I’m certain this influence was initiated with my high activity level at LWA. They have grown up there (in FREE awesome childcare) and continue to witness the fitness level of these strong women.

Why LWA? The camaraderie, the support from staff and members, and the obvious attention to detail in keeping ladies of all fitness levels healthy and moving forward to meet goals - and personally, the constant custom-tailoring of kick-butt classes: these are my top reasons for being a member of LWA 6 years and counting!

Meet Susan.

Profession: Full Time Faculty Member at UNC Asheville