Personal Training

Would you like to meet with one of our trainers?  If you are looking for More Individualized help on how to put fitness and nutrition together we will have you meet with a trainer for an enhanced visit. Pick your area that you need the most assistance to get you started. Our Trainer is available on Monday's!

Enhanced Mondays

Our trainer will sit down with you for an hour and help you set up an average week of proper nutrition, meal planning, and provide a written routine for fitness to enhance your LWA experience! On an enhanced visit you can get a written routine to help you train an area you would like to make stronger. Pick from:  Core, Upper, Lower Body.  Our Trainer will give you an evaluation on this area and give you a written individualized program to enhance your current LWA schedule along with nutrition guidance. Enhanced visit is $75.00. Great way to get more specific information to help you individually meet your personal goals!

More packages available after assessment.