Train Hard. Train Smart.

Use Science.


Heart Rate Training Backed By Science

Ladies Workout Asheville uses the Polar Real-time Visual Heart Rate Training System.   Heart rate training is a powerful tool to measure the intensity of effort and body's physiological adaptation. Heart rate monitoring is an important component especially in cardiovascular fitness and training programs. When we train in our Heart Rate Zones, we reduce the risk of over-training and under-training.  We believe you will become more effective in each cardio session when you train in your specific zones.  The Polar heart rate training system gives you real-time evaluation and a follow up graph with data to help you optimize each session. When scheduling the sessions, LWA takes out the guess work of how to effectively and efficiently train!


Kickboxing is not only fun its great exercise! Punch, Kick, Strike, Chop on and off the bag to get fit. Kickboxing allows you to build your core and improve your balance. Its helps strengthen your shoulders, arms and abs. Not only does LWA offer kickboxing on and off the bags, but we will measure your heart rate so that you are effectively training!


Spinning is a comprehensive training program specifically designed to offer participants targeted heart rate training, expert coaching, and a unique mind/body experience. Instructors will introduce the important fundamentals of Heart Rate Zone training, breathing techniques, body relaxation when working, and visualization of terrains - while taking you through the 5 main movements on Spin bikes. By learning to combine basic positions and techniques while watching your heart rate, you will experience a fluid and challenging workout
without over-training! Together, the Spinning Program offers enthusiasts the flexibility to personalize and tailor workouts to their desired intensity, while still experiencing the camaraderie, energy and support of group fitness! Great for all fitness levels!!

The most important thing about Spinning...
- You will workout regularly at obtainable levels of intensity
- Measured by heart rate. 
- You will not leave Spinning overworked. 
- You will Feel Great!


Ladies Workout Asheville now has the Troy Cardio Barbell System! Our lifting sessions will be aimed at strengthening all muscles and achieving overall development while heart rate training in your zone. Each lifting routine will have new exercises, different music and whatever it takes to keep the session enjoyable. Ladies lets strengthen those bodies! By strengthening each of your muscle groups, you will improve your overall form and balance. Having stronger muscles can improve your functional ability in daily life. By training together at LWA,  you can focus on more precise exercises that target each and every muscle group in your body. Our trainers will make sure you maintain good form and alignment throughout all movements. We will never sacrifice form in order to lift heavier - we will lift smart. Don't worry ladies, as you get stronger you will still look feminine. You will look forward to lifting, not see it as a chore!  LWA'S efficient lifting program focuses on muscular performance by combining strength training and endurance with resistance yet heart rate training and having fun!



The TRX Suspension Trainer is a workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. You're in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise - because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance.TRX is known to: Deliver a fast effective total-body workout, to help build a rock-solid core, increase muscular endurance, and will benefit all fitness levels. By utilizing your own bodyweight, the TRX Suspension Trainer provides greater performance and functionality! If you haven’t tried TRX you should! Very Unique! 

Look What You Can Achieve

Use Science. Train Smart.

THE KICKBOX. SPIN. LIFT. TRX Specialized Small Group Heart Rate Training Program is just part of what we do.... 

This bonus program, plus the over 40 classes included per week - Kickboxing, Cycling, H.I.I.T., Kettlebells, Zumba, Step, Lifting, Core Stability, and Yoga...  from beginner to advanced give you everything you need for different styles of fitness - challenging yet encouraging!!  Then sprinkle in some Free Weights, Treadmills, Stepmills, Ellipticals, Row Machine, Circuit Equipment, Cable Machines, and more equals a good full fitness facility! We do it all for WOMEN and with FREE Childcare! Become a Strong. Fit. Woman. TODAY with LWA!

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