Small Group Training


With THE Polar VISUAL Heart Rate TRAINING System

Ladies Workout is Asheville’s Small Group Training Program for Women. Smart Cardio! LWA uses the Polar Real-Time Visual Heart Rate Training System. Heart rate training is a powerful tool to measure the intensity of effort and body's physiological adaptation. Heart rate monitoring is an important component especially in cardiovascular fitness and training programs. When we train in our Heart Rate Zones, we reduce the risk of over-training and under-training.  We believe you will become more effective in each cardio session when you train in your specific zones.  The Polar heart rate training system gives you real-time evaluation and a follow up graph with data to help you optimize each session. When scheduling the sessions, know LWA hired an Exercise Scientist to set up the sessions and uses Polar Technology to take out the guess work of how to effectively and efficiently train! In addition to Cardio Training, we incorporate heavy strength training into our regular weekly schedule. We believe a woman should build strength! Strength Training can increase your muscular strength, lean body mass, and metabolism. It will also improve posture and mood to enhance your confidence! Our 5x5 Strength Training Method increases strength slow and steady, same as our Cardio Heart Rate Training method. Don’t worry ladies you will not bulk up. With building both cardio and strength, your daily activities will become easier and you will STAND STRONGER! Let us help you get strong and let’s do it smart!

Heart Rate Training at Ladies Workout Asheville

Small Group Training Benefits

Small Group Training allows us to really get to you know you. It is more beneficial than just being a number in the gym, or showing up for large unpersonalized classes, or vegging out on the treadmill without direction. SGT allows us to give you direction on both form and heart rate control. Ever wonder if your training is as efficient as you would like it to be? Reaching your workout goals has never been this easy! With color-coded heart rate zones, your trainer will be able to give you immediate guidance during the session. After each session, your individual workout summary will automatically upload to your Polar Flow app and you can see your eval on your phone! Perfect to reach your goals! With these powerful tools and balanced schedule of using different modalities, we can help reduce the risk of over-training or under-training! Our unique Training Center not only offers Bootcamps like other training centers, but we also add in Spinning, Kickboxing, Bodyweight HIIT (all Great for Cardio Building Sessions), and Strength Training Sessions backed by science using a 5 Rep x 5 Round Method (great for getting stronger). Then sprinkle in some TRX, Metabolic Conditioning, Core Deep Fiber Training, Kettlebell, Medicine ball & Barbell Lift Sessions. Perfect Trainings with Group Camaraderie and Trainer Guidance.

We understand, Women need to MAKE THE MOST OF THEIR TIME as they carefully balance family, careers, and more! LWA will give you the best training in each time savvy session using the Science of Exercise!

Come Train Us! We know Women.

Achieve More

Stay motivated by seeing how far you’ve come! Whether your target is losing weight, running a marathon or setting new personal bests, our Small Group Training Program is the perfect way to set goals and get Trainer guidance and get that extra motivation to reach them!

Training Benefits with Our Tools


 Online Training Diary

 After each Session, your workout summary will automatically upload to your Polar Flow account. This helps you keep track of your progress, reach your goals and feel more motivated!


Online Facebook Community 

Connect with other members within our Small Group Training Facebook page. Join our fitness community, share your recipies, fitness highlights and inspire others!


Real Time Data

During each Session you will see real time performance data on the screen, such as your heart rate and calories burned! This will inspire and encourage you to try harder and stay motivated!


Trainer Guidance 

A Certified Trainer in Every Session coaching and assessing form to make each workout most effective for you!

Cardiobarbell Lifting
TRX Suspension Training